136 Maple Rd. Williamsville, NY 14221
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phone: (716) 632-8124
fax: (716) 632-6801

How to Prepare for Your Visit:

Relax. Most women enjoy their visit with us.
Eat something before you arrive.
Don’t drink a lot of water. You need an EMPTY bladder for our tests.
Bring a friend, your husband, your mom or your sister but limit it to 2 adults besides yourself.
Do not bring your young children, please!
Please arrive on time. If you are late, we may have to reschedule your appointment.
Bring your insurance card and a “picture ID”.
Please bring any paperwork you doctor has given you. We cannot see you without your doctor’s written request.
We will try to give you some pictures on a CD which we will provide. Not all babies “cooperate” for pictures.
3D and 4D ultrasound exam is available if indicated

*if this is your first time visiting us, please go to the forms page, download and print out the patient questionaire and bring it in with you.

What’s my due date?
Link to EDD Calculator.